October 19, 2017

Waste-Free Lunches and Snacks

Hey Jackman Families!  Whenever you can, try to reduce the amount of garbage you make when sending lunches and snacks to school.  Here are some ideas for you!
  • Pack food in reusable containers.   Use them over and over again.   And whatever you do... don't lose them.
  • Bring water to school in a reusable water bottles.  Don't lose them either.
  • Also bring juice to school in reusable containers. 
  • Bake homemade snacks instead of store-bought snacks.  They have less garbage
  • New recipes are just a Google search away.   Why not give it a try.
  • Reuse Ziploc bags instead of throwing them out.  Did you know that Ziploc bags can be recycled?
  • Reusable lunch bags are best.   Brown paper bags lunches are so 1970.  Haha.
  • Pack reusable forks and spoons.  Just wash and reuse.  Simple.
  • Less disposable wrappers…more reusable containers.  That's our motto!
  • Remember… fresh fruit is waste free, naturally. 
  • Try a cloth napkin instead of paper.  Or maybe no napkin at all.  
  • Try not to use foil and plastic wrap for food.   They can't be recycled.
Spread the word!  Let’s make our school and city a waste-free place.