February 07, 2018

Yummy Pasta

One thing’s for sure... KIDS LOVE PASTA!!!   Yay, noodles!!!  So, why not make some pasta for school lunch?  Pack this meal in a small thermos. It will stay warm for hours. It makes the perfect waste-free lunch.

There are many ways to prepare the perfect pasta:

~Make it simple, just add BUTTER.      
~Or add some CHEESE (parmesan or cheddar). Yum!
~Can’t go wrong with TOMATO Sauce.
~Mmmm... PESTO!
~MEATBALLS will surely be a hit.
~Toss in some VEGGIES too.
~ALFREDO anyone?
Now that we’ve got our toppings sorted out… here’s another tip. Cook a BIG POT OF PASTA on the weekend and use the leftovers for school lunches.  

Pasta for lunch! It's soooo yummy! And absolutely waste-free! It's easy to make.  It's a perfect alternative to boring old sandwiches.  It’s the right choice for your child's school lunch.

P.S. Don't forget the fork!!!

(written by Clemmie and Mr. Cressman)