November 01, 2017

Bear Paw Cookie Challenge

What's the big deal with packaged snacks anyway?  Do they taste better?   We decided to put our question to the test.   We called it... the Bear Paw Cookie Challenge.

Last week, during recess, we gave Jackman kids an opportunity to taste a Bear Paw cookie and a homemade cookie (courtesy of Mr. Cressman).  We asked, "Which cookie do you prefer?"   

In total, there were 345 kids were tested.  69 kids chose bear paws as their favourite cookie.  And an incredible 276 chose homemade cookies!  Wow… 80% of kids prefer homemade cookies.  That means 8 out of 10 kids prefer homemade cookies.

We think Jackman families should consider baking cookies more often.   We know it takes more time, but we think it's worth the effort.  Homemade cookies are very tasty!   And waste free!  Not to mention, they’re so much fun to make.  Why not make it a family baking experience?  Everyone can participate.  

And to encourage more home baking, Mr. Cressman has shared his delicious cookie recipe with Jackman families.  If you haven't noticed, it's posted here on this blog.   Along with other great recipes.   You can do it, Jackman.  
More baking, less garbage!  

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