January 14, 2018

Breakfast is the New Lunch

Looking for a new school lunch idea?   Why not pack breakfast for lunch?  'Cause everyone knows that Breakfast is the New Lunch!   ;-)   And kids are going to LOVE it!

Option #1
Pour a favourite cereal in a reusable container.  Pour some milk in a thermos.  Maybe a third container with some blueberries, raspberries or strawberries.  And don't forget to pack the spoon.   A quick and easy breakfast.  Oh sorry, I mean a quick and easy lunch.  

Option #2
How about an Egg McMuffin (without all the restaurant packaging)?   All you need is a toasted english muffin, an egg and some cheese.   I like adding bacon as well.   Voila, a breakfast sandwich for lunch.  

Option #3
How about some pancakes?   They're so easy to make.   Place them in a reusable container.   A side of maple syrup in a small container.   Maybe some berries too.  Kids are going to love them!   Note:  Substitute Eggos for pancakes... same lunchtime thrill.  


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