August 22, 2018

Boomerang Lunch

Boomerang:  A small throwing toy specially designed to return to the thrower.  

Boomerang Lunch:   A specially prepared lunch that is sent to school and returned home at the end of the school day.  

Ever wonder why Jackman participates in the Boomerang Lunch program?   Let me explain...

Instead of ‘throwing out’ uneaten food at school, kids can save it to eat later. No waste.

Similarly, kids take home unwanted food.  This is done to spark a family conversation about food likes and dislikes.  Changes to lunch menus may be needed.   Less waste.

Food packaging is also returned home.   Containers can be washed and reused.  Some packaging can be rinsed and recycled.   Most packaging is disposable and should be thrown away.  It may be time for a family discussion about packing waste-free lunches.

As you can see, Boomerang Lunch is a great way to reduce waste.   100% eco-friendly.

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